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Travel Fitness Equipment Is Useless

You barely have space in your travel bag for your favorite jeans and yet you feel obligated to pack the latest As Seen On TV fitness contraption your wife gave to you as a birthday gift. Really? Do she really think you will get up earlier at your destination – possibly jet-lagged or tired from a bad night on a lumpy mattress and think, “Yay, let’s hang these bands from the bathroom door and get in a great workout!”

There are two types of travel fitness equipment. Gimmicky equipment that promises rapid results with little effort and cheap consumer grade variations of commercial equipment.

Be Aware

  • Any travel equipment that promises rapid results in little time
  • Any travel equipment that promises to be an all-in-one solution
  • Any lightweight equipment that looks and feels cheaply made
  • Any equipment that is primarily plastic

Just because there are loads of travel fitness devices and equipment on the market, don’t make the mistake of thinking there is any magical device that will help you get in shape without the effort.

Let’s face it, staying in shape takes effort and dedication. Trying to perform a workout in a cramped hotel room using a travel fitness contraption is not practical. Companies spend thousands of dollars on commercials to make these workouts seem enjoyable, but they’re not. Ultimately, your first workout will be cut short and the device will never see the light of day again.

Spend your time and money where it will be used. Within spitting distance of nearly every hotel and Airbnb is a fitness club. Go in, get yourself a day pass and get in a great workout. Your time will be much better spent than hanging from your bathroom door.


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