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Sticking to Your Travel Fitness Plan

Travel should not be an excuse to eat poorly and skip exercise.  We all know days off add up quickly, and happening to be on a trip does not change anything. This isn’t to say you can’t indulge or relax at all.  These things are important even day to day. Just keep everything within reason, and do not lose sight of your goals. Fleeting pleasures are really not worth delaying long-term dreams.  

The most obvious choice when it comes to exercise is the gym.  There are gyms everywhere, and it is not likely to be any different where you are traveling.  Stop by for a day or week pass, if you can afford to do so. It is ideal to stick as close to your daily routine as possible.

Biking and running are great exercise options, too.  Most cities have plenty of biking and running trails.  Bike rentals can frequently be found for affordable prices.  

Hiking is a great idea if you happen to be near nature.  It burns calories, gets the heart pumping, and is a nice way to see the sights.

Even something as simple as opting to walk instead of drive or ride around the city sometimes can make a big difference.

As to diet, a bit of preparation will simplify things. For example, bring bottled water around with you so you will feel less tempted to buy a soda or another calorie dense and unhealthy drink.  Modern water bottles keep liquids at very cold temperatures, which can help the water keep its appeal. If you really hate the environment, disposable water bottles are fine too.

Pack some of your favorite healthy snacks, and keep stocked up on these from local grocery stores.  This is sure to save you money as well, as gas station snacks and the like are short-lasting and pricey.

Finally, get as much sleep as you are able.  The occasional late night is fun, but making this a habit can do you harm healthwise.  Try to turn off your phone, television, etc. a bit earlier, and use the time for some quality Zs.  You will thank yourself in the morning.


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