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Stay Fit While Traveling

When traveling, it can be easy to abandon your fitness routine. New experiences should always be your top priority, however, keeping your fitness routine isn’t only great for your health, it may improve your entire travel experience.  


When you go traveling, whether for business or pleasure, your whole routine can be thrown off. An effort to keep with your fitness routine (even when you’re miles away from home), will help you feel like you never left home.  

The fact is, travelling can be quite overwhelming and having something even slightly “the same” in your life will really relax and comfort you.  

Helps to reduce stress and sleep better

As we all know, there are many studies that have shown exercise to help combat stress. Let’s be honest, travelling as much as it is exciting, is quite stressful. Anything and everything that may reduce stress is welcomed during these times. Exercise is the way forward.  

Alongside the stress, new changes and perhaps jet-lag, you might be finding it difficult to sleep. Multiple clinical studies have shown that exercise can be an amazing natural remedy for sleep – improving your sleep quality and how much you sleep. After all, you will want to be well rested for your new adventures.  

How you can do it

Other than the obvious (working out at your hotel or a nearby gym), there are loads of way to exercise while traveling, it’s just about finding the opportunities.  

  • Cardio, anywhere: Explore the where you are staying. Every new place has something unique to offer, why not take a walk or jog to check out what’s around you. Other than the cardio benefits, you will also get a chance to explore areas you may not have otherwise seen.
  • Dancing: Ok, I’m not advocating for getting hammered drunk, but dancing is a great way to burn a few calories and also a great way to meet new people. Obviously, you may want to check with your significant other before you find yourself a new dance partner.
  • Relax with yoga: Yoga can be an intense workout, but it can also relax your body and mind. There are plenty of free apps that will take you through a yoga routine. If you have never done yoga before, it’s well worth it! Give it a try.  
  • Rent the bikes: Every big city has an option of rental bikes; they’re fun and will ensure you get a good workout in while exploring the city.
  • Use you Localfit membership: As always, Localfit gives you access to the best health clubs in any given area. If you really want to get a great workout, there is often no substitute for a great health club. If you want to meet new people you can always take a fitness class there as well.

When you’re traveling it isn’t impossible to keep up your fitness routine, it just requires a little extra effort. Even small steps will give you huge benefits!


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