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Quick Tips – 10 Sneaky Foods to Stay Away From

When it comes to weight and overall health, diet is key.  You may feel like you are eating quite well, and you probably are… minus a few sneaky foods that do more harm than you likely know.  In all aspects of life, moderation is wise… but you may want to avoid some of these things entirely. 10 foods to stay away from are:

  1. Margarine.  This substitute spread contains trans fats, which can increase cholesterol levels. Opt for genuine butter. Another option is vegan spreads.
  2. Artificial sweeteners.  Artificial sweeteners have caused a variety of negative side effects, including headaches, seizures, excessive weight gain, and even some more serious conditions, like cancer.  You may want to consider avoiding this completely.
  3. Frosting.  Store-bought frosting is one of the few products at the grocery store that still contain trans fats.  Whip up some genuine buttercream frosting at home; it is sure to taste better anyway!
  4. Jarred tomato sauce.  Store-bought tomato sauce is full of sugar.  Turning an otherwise healthy thing into a virtual junk food is a shame. Look for no-sugar or low sugar brands, or even consider using fresh tomatoes to make a tasty and nutritious homemade sauce.
  5. Table salt.  Due to extreme processing, table salt is not the best for your body.  Sea salt is a great alternative.
  6. Processed meats.  This means hots dogs and lunch meats.  When you can, go for whole, natural meats rather than their chemical-dense counterparts.
  7. Fruit juice. Fruit juice is high in sugar.  Without the fiber of whole fruits to balance out the glucose spike, inflammation occurs and your body also begins to store more fats. Try smoothies with whole fruits like bananas, strawberries, etc.
  8. Soy sauce.  If you are prone to hypertension or bloating, pick low salt soy sauces.  Your average soy sauce is extremely high in sodium and known to aggravate these particular issues.
  9. Microwave popcorn. A little-known fact, microwave popcorn bags are actually coated in harmful chemicals. Trans fats are also commonly found in this snack.  Try air-popped popcorn with genuine butter or olive oil.
  10. Reduced fat nut butters.  The fat in reduced fat nut butters is merely being replaced by chemicals and sweeteners, which are likely to do you more harm in the long run.  Besides, the majority of the fats in nut butters are good for your body. Enjoy them as they are.

If you are seriously looking to improve your diet and overall health, follow these guidelines.  The reward is worth the extra little bit of thought. To look and feel considerably better, simply reduce or cut out these items entirely.


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