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Minimalist On-The-Road Fitness Packing

Everyone knows the struggle of fitting everything into one bag when traveling. There are always one too many things, and you can never quite figure out what to leave behind.

The thought to remove your workout clothes may cross your mind. What’s the harm in taking a few days off anyway? But those few off days can lead to “recovery days” which then lead to “I’m too busy days” and ultimately, to a “what the heck happened” moment.

Instead of following the dark and dangerous path of leaving your exercise clothes behind, pack like a minimalist and you’ll have plenty of room. Looking at your overstuffed suitcase, you’ve probably already packed the following for you travel fitness needs:

  • Two pairs of shoes along with
  • Three pairs of exercise bottoms,
  • Three workout shirts,
  • Two sports bras,
  • And enough underwear to survive the apocalypse

Here are the changes you can make to pack like a minimalist and lighten that crammed suitcase.

In general, putting any kind of athletic shoes in your suitcase is a no-go. The best action to take is to find some sneakers that will work for both casual wear and gym wear. Take out those running shoes, and put them on your feet – Bonus! They’ll be great for walking around at the airport. Ta da! You no longer have two unsquashable objects taking up massive amounts of room in your bag.

As far as workout shorts, shirts, and sports bras go, one of each should be plenty. Nearly every hotel and/or Air BnB has laundry facilities. Run a load of laundry after each workout. This will keep your workout clothes fresh and more importantly, the other clothes in your bag won’t smell like sweat.

Finally, yes, you will have to downsize your underwear stash. I know it’s going to be hard, but trust me. You can do it! It’s important to pack versitile underwear you can use in any situation. If you pack multi purpose undies, you really only need 2-3 pairs. Obviously, this may involve a laundry trip or two depending on how long your trip is.

There are a few other specialty items you may need for your specific niche of fitness. However, there is a rule to this part. If you don’t use your item every time you work out, odds are that you can leave it behind for a week.

As a minimalist you’ve now reduced your workout gear to:

  • One pair of exercise bottoms,
  • One workout shirt,
  • One sports bra,
  • Two pairs of underwear,
  • Laundry detergent,
  • And necessary specialty equipment

Notice how there are no shoes taking up space? Now you have more room for snacks! Congratulations! You have successfully packed for on the road workouts. Now time to find a gym.


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