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How to Be a Minimalist Traveler

Minimalist travel, as its name implies, largely involves packing lightly.  This is partly for practicality and convenience, and, more philosophically, partly to remind us of the true value of things.  Minimalism challenges the concept of modern consumerism encourages us to get back to the basics.

If you are going to try minimalist travel, beauty supplies, such as blow dryers, hair straighteners and the like, should be the first to go.  Bring a bit of makeup if you like, maybe some hair gel, but nothing over the top. This will almost certainly shorten your morning routine, freeing you up for adventure.

Over-preparation can cause hassle on trips.  Oftentimes we will pack things that we might need, or could need, rather than what we actually require.  Lay out all of the items you have in mind to bring. Consider the purpose of each and keep only those which are a necessity (within reason.  A couple of luxury items will not make or break you).

A smaller bag is a great way to avoid overpacking.  Sometimes there is the temptation to bring things merely because they fit in the nooks and crannies.  A smaller bag will make you choose more carefully. After all, everyone includes items that may not be strictly necessary.  “Just in case,” they say. These whims are quickly regretted once they are on their way.

Things commonly overpacked include clothing, books, and even souvenirs for the return trip.  Do not fret if you are not yet sure what to leave and what to take. Even removing a few unnecessary objects can make a big difference.  Practice packing just a bit less here and there to streamline your process over time. The rewards are great: less stress and less hassle!


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