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Fun Travel Activities that Burn Calories!

Having a vacation can be a great opportunity to relax and refresh. It’s also gives you a great opportunity to explore a new place and spend time in a new environment. Here are some excellent travel activities that burn calories, keep you fit but most importantly, are lots of fun!

1) Kayaking

Estimated calorie burn per 30 minutes: 200-250 kcal

When the sun is out, there’s nothing quite like going exploring out on the water. Kayaking is a great activity for any vacation and it provides a challenge in terms of upper body strength, core stability and balance.


2) Mountain Biking

Estimated calorie burn per 30 minutes: 300 – 350 kcal

This activity is one for the adrenaline junkies. The endorphins will be flowing as you speed your way down the mountain, navigating tricky downhill sections and ever-changing terrain. Mountain biking provides a mental challenge as well as a physical one – focus and concentration are truly tested which only adds to the thrill of it all.


3) Diving

Estimated calorie burn per 30 minutes: 200 – 250 kcal

An incredible way to explore the depths and become acquainted with the local sea creatures. The great thing about diving is that you can become so immersed in exploring that you can easily forget about the physical challenge that diving provides.


4) Hiking

Estimated calorie burn per 30 minutes: 200 – 250 kcal

One for the nature lovers. The benefits of hiking extend further than just getting that panoramic view. Your cardiovascular system and muscles must work very hard in order to get you to the top in the first place!


5) Surfing / Paddleboarding

Estimated calorie burn per 30 minutes: 150 – 200 kcal

Both very challenging activities in terms of balance, coordination and concentration. Surfing is certainly more technical than paddleboarding and does burn slightly more calories however, paddleboarding does provide more of an upper body workout than surfing does.


6) Skiing / Snowboarding

Estimated calorie burn per 30 minutes: 200 kcal

It’s not all about summer activities. Hitting the slopes is another super fun activity that will cause a high calorie burn and bring a host of benefits including improved balance and coordination, increased muscular endurance and enhanced stability.


Keeping fit doesn’t have to be boring and I hope that highlighting the benefits of these fun travel activities helps to emphasize this point. Keep fit, have fun.


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Chris Stone is a Personal Trainer and Fitness writer who lives and works in Edinburgh, Scotland. During his time in the Health and Fitness Industry, he has worked at the Commonwealth Games, spent time in North America coaching and directing football camps and now runs his own successful Personal Training business in the Scottish capital. His passion and involvement in fitness, health and sport has been apparent since a young age. This prompted a move from the Scottish Highlands to Edinburgh where he studied Sport and Exercise Science at University. He consequently qualified as a Personal Trainer and is now immensely grateful to have the opportunity to help others improve their wellbeing whether through his personal training service or fitness writing.